Friday 4 January 2013

Handbags at dawn

My long suffering flatmate causes hysterical laughter in the morning. No, not for that reason, she always looks amazing but The Handbag of Doom always puts a smile on my face.

I’m there drinking tea in my fluffy white dressing gown or smug running gear, or whatever, and there she perches on the edge of the sofa looking like one of the more pathetic Furies. Surrounded by female detritus. Looking for unimportant things, like keys.

So today she wrote out a list of what she keeps in her bamboozlebag which inspired me to do likewise, just to show how insanely different we are. We are alike in so many ways but this handbag issue just keeps making giggles bubble up like a glass of Veuve Cliquot’s finest. Oooo…don’t mind if I do. Sorry I got distracted there.

I know it is not the ladylike thing to shout about what’s in your handbag but, in for a penny. The flatmate has a posh John Lewis handbag of label*, whilst mine vary from New Look’s synthetic finest to a Lidl carrier bag. Anyway mine contains:
  • One ancient dog eared purse with the usual stuff as well as expired arty memberships and about 5 library cards. That reminds me, must take some books back
  • My dongle
  • One pair of broken headphones. FFS, can’t they make them Clare-proof? 
  • Security pass 
  • Oystercard 
  • Battery back up. Flat 
  • Crème brulee lip balm. Oh. Wondered where that had gone 
  • A lippy. Useful to make notes with 
  • A pen. *surprised face* 
  • A mangled Prets napkin 
My phone is on my desk.

Everything works to plan unless I do a mad thing like bring library books into the office in my rucksack. So now my keys are in there. Happily I shall be taking everything home tonight so there will be no panicking about my keys.

Oh. So I am exactly like my flatmate then.

*Due to an *offended face*, an addendum. Apparently it's one of these. No I have no idea either.

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