Sunday 28 July 2013

What we have learnt

Travelling is all about learning so I asked my travelling companion what he'd learnt on holiday. This is what we came up with:

1. Standing up on a kayak capsizes it
  a. T-shirts don't float
2. Naturism should only be attempted in warm countries. We will not be doing *that* on the Isle of Sheppey
3. Cycling across rivers has to be done at speed (and done by girls with sexy legs apparently)
4. When on foreign trips, don't get distracted by buns of the sweet variety
5. A cemetery is called a hareem in Bosnia - the 'protected'. Is this true?!
6. Check your snorkels BEFORE you go on holiday for leaks
7. Avoid restaurants on a Friday if you dislike seafood *snork*
8. Massages should only be done by hot men in an idyllic location
9. Fishes are curious and come to investigate where ever possible
10. Swimming in clothes feels a bit wet
11. When they say jumbo pizza, they mean it
12. British and German stereotypes are true
13. Though rude French people get called f***ers by travel agents  
14. Orange pivo is pretty damn fine
15. I can cycle and kayak further than I thought
16. A better understanding of the Yugoslavia wars in the 90s
17. Being 40 isn't that bad 
18. Croatia is, once again, a perfect place to holiday

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