Monday 4 July 2016

Three Diets, Two Countries

There has been a pact made today. Three ladies, three diets - the cautious one reminded me this weekend that it has been a year since we embarked on a determined health kick.
Well, if you can call weekly clubbing, slow roasted chicken, diet prosecco/vodka and slimline tonic, walking to work, and reduced portions of pie and mash a healthy life style.
To be honest I was sceptical, having only once before stuck to a diet, but we managed to lose a stack of weight in our haphazard contrary way. My loss of 8-10kg - mostly boobage sadly - was achieved by eating a monumental 1100 cals a day, combined with running 15km and walking about 20km a week. Ridiculous when I look back but the results were astonishing. I think I had help from the metabolism boosting HRT, and lifting of spirits with the added huge doses of vitamin D, as recommended by my doctor. Which I can recommend if you're feeling inexplicably low and tired, especially in the winter.
Sadly, with my departure from British shores, the English contingent have lost focus, and seams are getting increasingly tight. Not only that but Croatian and English wobbly bits need firming. Turns out pootling around the rocks in search of fish to wave at isn't really classed as vigorous cardio exercise. And given my track record with cycling - the bike is still in hospital - I'll stick to my own two legs. So in my case, given my lack of scales (nisam sirena), I've redone my exercise plan for running with extra toning, and there will be fewer kobasice and smaller portions generally.

We've already conclusively proven that regular small portions of tasty healthy food and massive amounts of walking is the key. It's not difficult. Hahahaha!
Hysterically the weather in its extremes has caused a hiccup. For me, running and walking when I'm at optimal energy (11-3) isn't an option; it's just too hot. I could get up early...but I'm finding late evening runs relatively satisfactory but that limits the distance I can do. On the other hand London is preparing animals for the ark they are building on the Thames, so walking to work is an unpleasantly damp experience. I get why you would want to avoid that.
This past year has been a massive achievement for all of us, but life flings a lot of comfort eating causing shit around. Even so let's not throw it away. We need to remember the healthy dancing glow at 4am, the glee at fitting into new underwear, and sexy clothes, and the inability to move away from the mirror!
  • Put that chocolate cake down! And get back on the turbo tea! I see you doing that plank baby!!
  • Do not have second helpings of pork and Yorkshire pudding! Yes, madam, I'm looking at you. I'm also loving the black tights, white socks and walking shoes ensemble!
  • Clare, you do not need to demolish the entire newly baked loaf of bread with half a pack of butter. With honey. Or cheese. And paprika crisps are the work of the devil!! For every beer you drink that's 10km you need to run...and yes you probably look like a dick sprinting through the village.
Who cares!?
Bring it on.

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