Monday 15 April 2013

Weight what?

Just before it was scoffed
It was new Monday, the first day of Operation Healthiez. I was looking around for something to do with mushrooms and Stilton because they were in the fridge. Anyway I discovered a Weight Watchers recipe which looked nicer than the BBC food site's. Which had Stilton in it? The very definition of *sceptical face* After checking I was not on a spoof Weight Watchers site, I gave this healthy set of guidelines a pepping up and this is what I made:

Take 4 lovely large bouncing mushrooms and destalk. Peel if you like. Place on a tray and dribble a little oil on them. I think I may have used more than a teaspoon. Bake in the oven on medium hot.

Fry  - in a small amount of oil - 1/3 finely chopped onion, 3 chopped rashers of bacon your flatmate didn't eat at the weekend and 4 cloves crushed garlic. When nicely soft, add a few slices of very finely chopped red pepper for colour and sweetness. Add ground pepper and cayenne pepper to taste. Meanwhile whizz up some ropey looking bread to make crumbs and if you have some, add small handful of  crushed pine nuts.

Take the pan off the heat, add crumbs and crumble up an amount of Stilton  Not to over-power, just to flavour. Mix thoroughly. Take the nicely softened mushrooms out of the oven and spoon the crumble equally between them. Sprinkle more cayenne pepper and pop back in until crispy, melty and done.

I served mine with some blanched broccoli. And we nearly didn't get a picture of it...

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