Thursday 13 January 2022

Are you feeling comfortable?

A thought occurred to me the other morning whilst I was out jogging. The little electronic voice in my head tells me at every run interval to "run at a comfortable pace" and this got me thinking about my January determination to get healthier. The whole exercise is about becoming more comfortable in my clothes, getting comfortable in some new yoga positions and never being comfortable at work!

Working at a comfortable pace

It's hard to move when you're tied to a computer. I said in an earlier post that work was a blocker to health but it's been a relatively good work week - challenging, mutable, and buckets of learning new stuff, as usual. It's interesting and I'm not sure whether it's related, but I've found I'm far more chilled this past few weeks. 

Slip into some comfortable clothing

I've never done yoga 10 days straight! It's a 2022 miracle and demonstrates that I was really ready for some regular exercise. Yoga With Adriene has been challenging because it's been strong, mobile, and restful. There was one day that I felt I couldn't continue because everything was aching but as if she was reading our mind, we had a session where it was gentle. Blissful. 

No need to comfort eat

The more I sit up tall and run with pride, the better I feel about my stomach. The muscles are definitely tightening which means I am feeling more comfortable with my silhouette and less likely to overeat. I'm constantly hungry which is making me feel energised and determined. There has to be a way to stop eating buttered toast and honey but as I managed before, I'll just have to keep running. 

Bad, bad bread. This isn't comfort, it's an essential!

Macaroni cheese, pizza, minestrone, roast chicken and sweet potato mash, yes ok, this is the best kind of healthy eating. Icy Bura has been blowing for a week now and there is a medical need for solid calorie loaded nosh. But I've enjoyed small portions!

Let's keep this going - at a comfortable pace. 

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  1. Hello. Have you considered the Keto diet? It's different in that you can eat as much as you want but you have to minimize your carbohydrate intake. So you can eat meat, fat and most vegetables but not potatoes, rice, pasta or (normal)bread. The principle behind it is that we shouldn't raise our blood sugar levels which is what causes feelings of hunger. Whether it's a healthy diet I couldn't say, but there are doctors(?) promoting it on Youtube. Regards, John.