Friday 7 January 2022

Let them eat garlic

 Just checking in... kako smo? How are we? I'm in my favourite beach bar as the sun goes down. I must confess that the first week of the year has gone well in pretty much every way and I'm thankful for the blessings around me (as opposed to counting them, which is what I generally do when I'm feeling fed up!). 

One thing I love when I'm on a healthy living kick is the apparent lightness of stomach. It's not a visible thing, but I seem to have an easier relationship with my gut. I've been eating nuts, dried fruit, oats, bananas, broccoli - everything which makes for a happy tum. I'll see how I feel later after the rogue panettone I had for breakfast!

Running News

Let's shake it up and talk about themes rather than boring day by day. I am proud of the running that I've been doing - on Thursday I went back to a previous easier interval training session because I am nervous of injury. One minute walking and two minutes running for a total for 30 mins felt like a real win and my ankles/knees didn't complain. 

When I'm out in the morning, I am so happy to see nature all around me. The bird life is extraordinary - the little darting field larks pop out when I run past; bobbing wagtails scoot in front of me; charms of goldfinches circle overhead to drop and land on trees nearby, and attracted by all the small birds, birds of prey circle overhead.  As I see each one, I bid them all good day! It makes running much more pleasurable.

Yoga News

Well. I must confess I've never taken a programme seriously but I've managed to turn up everyday for Yoga With Adriene's "Move". I did "Deepen" earlier today and there was a lot of hip opening work, whilst yesterday's "Flow" nearly finished me off. It's been challenging but so far, I'm really staying open minded and going with it which is a positive sign.

Having bunny occasionally join me on the yoga mat is also a delight. I mean, you're gonna hold your planks for longer if there is a small fluffy creature underneath you! When you're told to go to child's pose, what is more adorable than a bun licking your toes? Yes, pure childish giggling nonsense is the best way to do yoga!

Fooooood News

I've already mentioned that the choice of breakfast additions have improved. I enjoy adding dried fruit to my porridge. Don't laugh, but I store my oats in a recycled roast pepper jar - despite thorough cleaning and repeating washing, my oats have a definite pepper flavour. This means I have to add more sugar to taste (or untaste). Idiot. 

I've managed to mostly stay under 1500cals a day. It's not really about the weighing or counting, it's about the general quantities - as long as I go to bed hungry, I know it works. A hearty breakfast, something soupy for lunch and a mid afternoon snack is the way forward. My mother in law did salt cod this week and has decided that the cure for everything is garlic. 

Did I mention garlic.

The reason people wear masks in Split is to protect themselves from my garlic breath. Strangely I haven't had a cold yet this year! Keep eating garlic, folks, clearly it works.

All in all

I'm still stuck on 75kg BUT I have been informed that there is something more sleek about my upper thighs and butt. I've not noticed a difference in my jeans as yet but, as I mentioned above, I feel "lighter". Frankly, I'm happy with that - as is my gentleman!!

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