Saturday 16 March 2013

Emergency soup

After a long day studying I was hungry. Not bear pit, gut wrenchingly so but definitely in need of sustenance. As I had been in Italy all day mentally, all I could think of was bean and pasta soup, swirled with a good olive oil. So when got home I chopped, simmered and whizzed this all together.

1 large onion
3 hairy parsnips
2 carrots of dubious provenance
Several very dodgy potatoes
Tin butter beans
2 vege stock cubes
Salt and pepper
A spot of oyster sauce

Fry off the onion and veggies until soft. Add stock cubes, water and let simmer for as long as it takes for you to speak with your mum (about 45 mins). Add half a tin of deskinned butter beans. And purée taking care not to make baby food, ie leave texture.

Check seasoning. Add handful of macaroni and a bit of milk to loosen the soup. Add the rest of the beans. And cayenne pepper obvs. Gently simmer, stirring to prevent sticking until the pasta is done.

Ladle with a load of the bits into a bowl and swirl with extra virgin oil. Eat whist watching mindless stuff on tv.

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