Saturday 13 April 2013

Of Rice and Bed

My last post was about healthy eating, recuperating and generally trying to regain some level of good health. This addendum is to gauge how well I'm doing and congratulate myself on progress.

Which is why I have just celebrated with a Greggs chicken slice and bottle of pop.


In all seriousness, there was a system shut down this week with complete bed rest and many many hours of sleep. If you're too ill to go out least you aren't tempted by cheese toasties at Ye Olde Mitre, British Museum egg sarnies or burritos the size of your arm from Leather Lane.

Breakfasts have been easy; porridge with cinnamon, dried fruit and honey. Lunches (or 'post nap snacks', as I've renamed them) have been either beany, eggy and one day a friend made my garlicky stuffed mushrooms which was pleasant. Dinners have been wholesome and I've not overdone the portions.

Apart from last night when someone mentioned the magic word 'Chinese' and I folded. Big time. Spring rolls, duck pancakes, prawns with veg, egg fried rice, I stuffed my face. I was vaguely responsible because I abstemiously avoided wine. The small amount of lager just didn't taste right so clearly I'm not that well yet.

To be honest after a week of solitary confinement it was good just to be out. Simply in my Local, giggling at the April showers, amazed at how bright it was. My so-called friends were also being rude because of my broken toe - yes I've managed to hurt it again.


Despite the monumental amounts of calcium, it turns out 2 weeks isn't long enough to mend a toe bone. The lure of wearing pretty boots was too much and I paid for it.

So the healthy eating is going well. Ably assisted by the warmer weather and hours of extra sleep. Long may this improvement continue. Let's raise a glass of fruit juice to that!

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