Friday 29 May 2015

On being a nidiot

Amongst other things - relaxation, culture, food - holidays teach you much about random stuff. So for the benefit of all here are my most recent pearls of wisdom:

- Always check the timetables before catching a ferry for a ferry which isn't running. Fuxakes. 

- When getting in the sea with flip flops and you take them off once you are in, ensure you throw them back up the beach enough... 

- When doing yoga on your favourite jetty ensure pigeons have not left any grey/white presents

- Always take your brolly if you can't see the mountain. Croatia gets more rain than the UK - usually in just one afternoon shower 

- There is always one mosquito in your bedroom, no matter how many you've killed. Even when you're positive they are all dead

- Make sure you sacrifice at least one pair of sunglasses to the holiday god. My new ones are far nicer than my old ones anyway. Perfect for next year's sacrifice. Or for leaving in restaurants 

- Bell towers still give me vertigo and wobbly legs 

- People actually run up mountains. But on the topic of mountains, chocolate doughnuts taste amazing when you're 600m up

- When the little red and white stripe trail markers disappear, start to panic. Turn around, retrace your step and find the next available marker. Also sign posts giving times to destinations - utter fiction

- Oh. Lastly, put your bus tickets in a safe place...otherwise you'll end up hoping that the receipt and a smile will do *gulp*

Two weeks isn't long enough to find out how stupid I am. But then I think everyone knew this already! 

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