Sunday 22 May 2022

Life, COVID, and other unhealthy interruptions

Anyone remember January? Last week I was telling a friend of a friend how terrible I was at sticking to plans (pfffft plans) and that if I fell off a healthy schedule at the start of the year, I'd wait til the next January before starting again. She was horrified. This immediately got me thinking about how I could kick myself into touch again. 

It was a horrible February and March with a bout of the fashionable flu that was going around at the time. After avoiding it all last year, my man came home with it in Spring. Sharing is caring, after all. It's taken me a while to get back on my feet but I feel I am ready to get going again. 

Strength is all about uncovering personal weakness and getting back on your feet, with kindness and patience. 

Where am I now

In mid-March, as soon as I felt able post-COVID, I found my trainers and headed out along the coastal path. I've been doing the 9 week Couch to 5K programme. It. Is. Tough. It's now the end of May and I'm only on week 7. I'm happy to redo weeks, go back to an easier run if I want, and generally not go bananas. Damn Achilles' tendon and knee need to go at their happy pace. 

Since the weather got more friendly, I'm 4 weeks into some serious interval training sessions with Jess at FIT n FKD. She is also the reason why I'm here again and committing to mindful fitness. This 45 mins on a Friday morning leaves me aching, hot, sandy, and glowing. It's highlighted how out of shape I am, but she is so positive, I feel I can get better! You can see the pink face.

Once again - it's now May!! The sea is a balmy 19.4 degrees and I'm enjoying every refreshing minute in the glorious water. Swimming is helping with the aches caused by doing (failing to do) bear crawls across the beach. It's still hard to get in, but my excuse is enjoying standing there and watching the fish explore the debris turned over by my feet as I inch my way to the deeper water. 

The outlook is sunny

All in all, it's not too bad. I've only gained a kilo in the past 3 months which is a result and I think the exercise that I have been doing has made an impact. I have a conference to attend in July so I hope to be in fine shape by then. I'm planning veggie burgers, pasta in tomato sauce and nice salady things this week. 

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