Saturday 11 August 2012

Catering Towers

I have spent the last few days thinking about food. This shouldn't come as a surprise but for once it doesn't revolve around my star like belly, but actually is the very serious consideration of what to feed 15 hungry guests. I have extremely high standards and a trip to Iceland for 'brown' party food was never on the cards.

After a day's perusal of Good Food magazines, for Aug 2012 the marvellous Sarah Buenfeld, my favourite 'sensible' recipe writers had put together a picnic spread. She is fabulous because she uses lots of vegetables, strong flavours, the dishes are incredibly simple, and importantly, she never fails! So the menu for Sunday is:

Roast pepper, caper and pine nut salad
Jewelled cous cous
Green bean and potato salad
Curried pasta salad
Red rice and chicken salad with pomegranate and feta

'It's not a party without a carrot stick' vegetable and dips
Pittas, bread sticks, tortilla chips

Gala pie
Quiches - various
Chilli ginger lamb chops
Hoisin sausages
Fragrant thai chicken

Peach melba cheesecake
Chocolate orange brownies

Today when I wasn't having a nap whilst the chickens cooked, I was prepping marinades, roasting and peeling peppers and having a whale of a time licking out the cheesecake bowl. There is nothing more soothing than cooking rustic food which banishes any memory of bland and brown. Summer is truly the inspiration here.

Now it's time to get cooking these brownies and hoping the flatmate allows them to cool before insisting on 'quality control'.

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