Tuesday 7 August 2012

Party Planning for contrary people

I'm having a party to celebrate a birthday and also to help the athletes close the Olympics. So we needed careful planning and consideration on how this would go.

The best way to approach these things is have a drink and make a list.

We have now had a drink and have a cocktail list.

Here's the list.

  1. Invite amazing friends and my flatmate
  2. Go to Waitrose Iceland/Lidl for pizza and spring rolls  and stuff
  3.  Dartington Crystal Poundland for glasses
  4. Lots of wine
  5. Lots of vodka. Bugger. Done that, drunk it
  6. er...
  7. Is that it?
  8. Count beds and divide by two?
  9. Sort out music
  10. Leave major problems with flatmate
  11. Invite several concurrent lovers (see 10)
  12. Ooops. Choose party frock. Wish the diet had been more drastic....
What could possibly go wrong? How is a grown up party any different from a university party? 


  1. >> How is a grown up party any different from a university party?

    You're embarrassed, not proud, when you throw wine over someone's boyfriend?

  2. She claims it vaguely rings a bell...

  3. *makes note to buy white wine*

  4. *empties fridge to make room*

  5. Don't forget to keep playing mind games with 10) so someone ends up punching the wall. Predictable really.