Sunday 2 June 2013

We need to go drinks shopping

Santa approves...
Stone cold sober I stand by the gut feeling that I had last night about the word 'mentholyptus'. I'm fairly sure that it's a word to describe sweets that help clear your nasal passages when you have a cold. However last night when I used it, it was met with derision and disbelief; heathens.

Very limited resources...
Anyway regardless of the provenance of the word, I used it as inspiration during some desperate mixology last night. The event was birthday, we were alcohol limited and the time was extremely advanced. Basically we should have known better than start some serious cough pastille alchemy.

My flatmate seems to think that Dr Brown's Universal Tincture was a success. I suppose it depends what you were trying to cure. Certainly I would beware claims that it assists with the maximising of memory. But I have a vague recollection of it being fragrantly medicinal in a pleasant way.

Take 4 measures (or so) of cherry brandy , a measure each of sambucca and cointreau, a dash of orange blossom water, a good handful of fresh mint and shake vigorously over ice. Strain into 2 martini glasses and top with apple and elderflower juice. Pop a sprig of mint into the glass.

My chap also contributed to the mayhem with a little concoction of his own. As he was sober the preciseness of his measurements mean that his drink is absolutely failsafe. It was smooth and delicious, with a fabulous flavour.

Oooo, mmmm
Take 2 shots milk. Add 2 of sambucca, 1 ammaretto, 2 spoons instant coffee... shake over ice and pour foamily into glasses, add ground coffee sprinkles to decorate and enhance.

There was a lime based one, then a shot type one and lots of dancing. I think my flatmate really enjoyed her birthday!

So much green is must be healthiez

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