Sunday 21 February 2016

All at sea...

Incredibly we left on time. Just. And if you ignore the fact that I missed a go-straight-on so had to tiddle around attempting to get where we were going and also ignore that we went sailing past the ruddy great ferry port it all went swimmingly.

Except that it was way beyond my current driving range so I was struggling a little. Not to worry.

The important thing is we got here, sat and cackled in the car for a bit and finally we made it through to the inner sanctum. Which meant I could finally spend a penny. My middle aged bladder really wasn’t built for this sort of abuse.

Oh, and I got tea. And a toastie. So I’m not complaining.

In fact if you must go on a ferry then do it in the middle of winter on a Sunday at the end of half term week. So quiet!

If you ignore the screaming baby in the next cabin. Which will be joined by the screaming flatmate. I’ll just keep telling her there are sailors on board, that should keep her interested.

Anyway, it’s a sweet little cabin and…

We’re moving!

Skipper watching progress
Which means I’m getting a running commentary that a) we are doing 2 knots, b) that we have a heading of 294 degrees and c) she is reading all the navigation lights.

Oooh, a South Cardinal Buoy!

How many hours will I have this?

At least Monty the Bear is happy.

Adieu England, see you in a few weeks…

4 knots. If you’re interested.


  1. Have you not got a SatNav?? If not, please, PLEASE record the whole journey on video. Channel 4 would snap that shit up in an instant!

  2. yes we have a satnav - we just chose to ignore it occasionally!