Monday 22 February 2016

Oh all right then...

Okay so I didn't blog about food in the last post...

She was trying to troll me, something about oh well, there is always McDonalds. Quite how I didn't make her walk from then on is beyond me. So breakfast was a truly simple affair but oh it was just perfect. Even Monty managed to have a nibble, when in France and all that...

Lunch though was the really expected one, we went for the plat de jour, with me taking on the nicest charcuterie selection I've had in some time. Any implied flirting with the waiter is pure speculation on madam's part.

Look, healthiez!
Next up was the jambon grill. To maintain balance and a wide spread of options Clare went with the salad whilst I was brave and had the fries. They were fab, I mean really. Crispy on the outside and delicate on the in.
The jambon though? Parfait. I'm not sure exactly what the sauce was but goodness did it balance the flavours perfectly. I was very pleased with such simple but perfectly presented fayre.

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