Friday 4 March 2016

Cocktail 'The Roadtrip'

We have run out of wine so we needed to improvise quickly. We have a wonderful selection of fruit syrups here, but the favourite is definitely the elderflower. This one reminds me of the best cocktail ever - the 'Twinkle' - but sadly we have no champagne. So working with the ingredients we have here, I came up with this.

Variations on the name included the 'Half way to Split', 'Splitting Headache'...until the clever one came up with the simple yet elegant 'Roadtrip'.

Take a measure. Any measure - given I am working with restricted kitchen equipment here, I used an alabaster condiment dish - of Italian honey grappa, add half a measure of fresh lemon juice, a half measure of elderflower cordial, and top up with half sparking water and fresh orange to taste. Adjust as necessary to ensure that it's not too sweet. If you're feeling decadent add another splosh of grappa, just to be sure.

Sit back and reminisce about the roadtrip!

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