Friday 31 December 2021

Boobies bobbing and belly blubber floating!

It seems Operation Bikini Belly is off to a flying start. Gosh! What an image and exactly what the good people on Znjan got today. As this last day of 2021 was gloriously sunny and the sea like a mirror, I wanted the tingly goodness of icy water on my skin. Boobies bobbing and belly blubber floating!

Not to mention that 30 second swim must have burned 1000 calories. I felt very alive!

As this remains a contrary diet, I neither managed a run nor yoga yesterday. Turns out, still not big on planning or even executing planned plans. This is what I did instead:

We walked a total of 5000 steps up to some great viewing points! It was a day of steep hills, incredible beaches, scented forests and open skies. Sometimes it’s not about the exercise, we all need days-out like this simply to enjoy and re-energise. I must note that snacks would have been a good idea, as I was hangry by the time we got back at 5pm!

But I avoided the junk food and energy drinks and stuck to the cream of cauliflower soup, followed by mackerel with cabbage that I’d got ready the day before. The reheated creamy soup was frankly the best I’d ever tasted; it’s funny I’ve forgotten what it is like to really appreciate what hunger does to taste.

Today has again just been about enjoying the moment. An early start meant a coffee on the beach and a wander round Lidl. I picked up baked beans cos yummy, and somebody else chose tiramisu and popcorn. As he says, he will lose weight in his own sweet (very sweet) way.

Before Christmas I ordered some jumpers as I was totally depressed by my ancient and worn out collection. In the sale, I got a glorious fluffy red one, two striped ones (*sigh* no clue how I got two of the same), and some sexy thermals. But being rather down on myself I also ordered some pyjamas in XL.

Dearest reader, they are huge.

Huge. HUGE!

As a result, my man now has some fetching berry coloured pjs with a pattern of happy leopards leaping all over them. I’m grateful that they hang on me because at least that means I’m not extra large!

My brunch of poached eggs on avocado and bread was smashing. Must say, it’s one of my favourites. This evening I’ve considered boiling rice for sushi, prepping celeriac for soup…. Or simply bread and cheese! And in the end, I opted for apple and celeriac soup, whizzed up with some cream.

Later, there will be fizzy wine and cocktails as it is New Year!! Let’s peace out, relax and make merry.

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  1. Hello, I really enjoyed your blog on life on Sark. I am literally ready to move to Sark, apart from packing a bag I am at that ready point right now. IN all my online searching one thing has eluded me and that is finding affordable property rentals, or even purchase, its like a black hole of nothingness and I was hoping maybe you could give me your pearl of wisdom as you are already there, have managed to overcome the blackhole I have found! I want to live there permanently, rustic would be fine, rural fine, not many things would put me off and I have been positioning myself for this for about the last year, I need island life and I hope to be over sometime in January to actually look for somewhere to rent/buy but it is my once concern. Can you point me please in any right direction, people to see or places to try once On the island? I am hoping your experience could help me along if you dont mind sharing? I have been in London 40 years, time to go! Thanks