Monday 3 January 2022

To remember a friend

I cannot write anything today without acknowledging the sad loss of a wonderful person. We may have lost touch over the years, but people who touch your heart and inspire you to become your "best self" at must be remembered. That person was Kate Pitt.

In 1999, a professional support lawyer at Sidley & Austin introduced me to a marvellous City of London Choir called EC4. Despite being challenged both in the singing voice and music reading department, they welcomed me warmly. Before departing British shores, I participated for many years and we all awaited Lowry's massive admin emails with great anticipation, knowing we were in for a lot of fun, hard work and great memories.

For over 10 years or so, that choir took me through love, loss, break-ups, new jobs, and remained a constant source of delight and energy. I would arrive at St Brides for evening rehearsals utterly exhausted and within 10 mins be glowing; standing pilates, breathing exercises, mmmmming and ahhhhhhing and feeling joyous. 

Our wonderful leader would extract every last piece of talent and ability. We created music fit for the Royal Festival Hall, the Guildhall, churches all over the City of London, and most memorably for the Queen at a concert in aid of Coram. We also participated in Big Sings, Songs of Praise and multiple Christmas Concerts. 

When I joined the choir, Kate was one of the first people that I was to get to know. She was always exceedingly kind, patient, generous, sociable and lovely. Her laugh, her bubbliness, and confidence blew me away - and that's before she started singing. Her voice would have me in tears with its rich and sweet quality - even now as I listen to EC4's Mozart's Requiem, she is here with me. 

And then there was the friends I made during that time. What a time it was! Unforgettable birthday T-shirts, amazing get-togethers and evenings out that I can't even remember! Kate, I'm sorry we haven't seen each other in years, but you are remembered, missed and loved. 

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