Tuesday 4 January 2022

Let's keep with the programme

It's been a week since the Grand Plan was initiated and now this is where the going gets tough. Today is my first day back at work and I'm back into a sedentary routine. Unless I can keep going with the running, HIIT, yoga and walking, I'm going to be back to square one. 

On the bright side, I'm 2kg lighter at 75kg, which must be water and/or prosecco loss. Certainly the jeans are still a bit tight but that is probably the mother-in-law's glorious fried chicken and epic stuffed cabbage. What can I say, it's been sunny but very cold!

What happened?


I said I was going to run. I didn't! Shit happens. Instead we went on a small trip up the coast - as the poor man has a bad knee so we are limited to short walks. We walked up to various viewpoints, what we lost in length of hike, we made up for in huffing and puffing up steep hills!


New Year's Eve! I swam and washed off all the 2021 pain - tingling, alive, blue, and utterly mind-blown! The other plan was for 10,000 steps min walking and that is what I achieved. Don't tell anyone that some of it was earned whilst walking around town during hunts for drinks! Wine, Irish coffees, prosecco...but there you go! Happy New Year

New Year's Day

What a sunny one! And so much food for breakfast and lunch - I made pancakes to ease the hangover pain, and we had stuffed cabbage and mashed potato for lunch. I had to have an afternoon nap and that is the best way to see the first day of the NY. 


Here we are and we took a trip to where our drinking water comes from! The source of the river Cetina is a heavenly place. We ended the day with a romantic walk to watch the sun go down. 


A day of rest with lots of short walks. Given we'd seen the sunset the night before, we got up and watched the sun rise. Coffee in Podstrana, shopping in Lidl, life clearly doesn't get much better. When I got home, I started with the Yoga with Adriene "Move" for January. A winning day with over 2100 calories burnt!

As I head into a new week, it's always amusing to make predictions because you know it is pure fiction. 


A glorious early morning run, with some spontaneous HIIT on the beach. I will do the yoga later today. Maybe even a walk. There was talk of shrimp risotto later - I have already eaten more than I should. What a pain! Porridge and dried apricots, broccoli and cauliflower soup (with irresistible bread). 

Wednesday - Friday

Wednesday is a rest day with a lovely morning walk! Will do the extended HIIT work out which won't attack my knees! Will repeat today's running intervals on Thursday because it was a toughy! Given that the man is still at home, on Friday anything could happen! 

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