Sunday 21 July 2013

A day in the life...

I don't really know the person who I'm on holiday with. I do know about his inability to find supermarkets, innate capacity to find and cause trouble and generally spread chaos. But today he went international. And it was special. It turns out;

1. He can't dress. Seeing him trying to put underpants on whilst hopping around with his size 12 sandals still on his feet was either hysterical or a mind bleach moment;

2.  Clear patio windows pose a real problem. Once I could understand but twice is borderline idiocy. I'm waiting for third time, obviously;

3. However the truly special moment was the realisation that he was splashing merrily around the Adriatic with a wallet full of kunas. Silly kuna that he is. Once we'd let the money dry out we bought some proček - we aren't going to dry out;

4. Slapping himself in the sunburned face because a small bug landed on him, leading to howls of pain;

5. Chocolate flavour shower gel leaked all over his smalls. On the bright side, they are now irresistable to women, if the adverts are correct.

All these, amongst flooding the bathroom, being on permanent speedo watch and tiny crab patrol and eating his own body weight in  gorgeous hotel food leads me to believe we shouldn't do anything dangerous. 

We are planning kayaking, a cross country bike ride, a beach BBQ and a trip to Mostar. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?! 

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