Sunday 14 July 2013

Gardening part 7

Sometimes gardening, like a hair cut,  can reach that tedious in between stage. It's been a cute and tidy bob but now it's just straggly whilst waiting to be put into a pretty French plait. The hair, that is not the plants. Though the spirally tendrils of the peas look very fringe like. 

This week I'm pleased to announce that the broad beans increasingly have large pods on many of the plants. I dispatched the black fly colony on their stalks hastily so I am still hopeful we can have a bean salad!

In other bean news, the slightly neglected dwarf yellow bean plants have produced the tiniest slimmest protuberances. I'm expecting at least one tuna niçoise salad from those. Not the tuna or potato, obviously. That's probably unrealistic...

The proper lettuces that we transplanted and immediately discounted as DOA seem to have Lazarus-like tendencies and perked up. Not all of them have taken but I wasn't sure what I'd have done with 30 webbs wonderful so that's probably for the best. 

Gardening should come with a mental health warning. I now find myself yelling obscenities at butterflies and frowning at weeds. Where is this going to end?