Saturday 18 August 2012


Just in case you thought my flatmate had finally done it and hurled me over the balcony, do not fear, I'm still here. And also for a change I'm writing this fuelled only by coffee rather than heady nectinis. Oh and a pie that I found in the freezer; if dirty food strays across my path, it's fair game. I was tempted by the bottles of beer in the fridge, given that it is finally that sunny time of year.


It's alcohol free. Thanks Andy! Never mind, I'll make a real drink after this coffee.

A diet update is required because we may have strayed off the curvy and wide recently because here is no doubt that we won't be fitting into the straight and narrow any time soon. I seem to be in exactly the same position as I was earlier in the year when I needed to get into a certain Karen Millen dress and attend a Christening. But this time it's even more drastic because it's a Wedding in three weeks and the lovely people getting married have been utterly dedicated to achieving their goals and are looking fab. Never mind, guests are allowed to look slightly porky and I will simply hide at the back of the photos!

Sausages 4 Sail
Exercise hasn't been entirely lacking. I managed a delicious bicycle ride last night from Hoxton to Poplar. I was in full cool elegance mode, so tucked my flowing white skirt into my knickers and wafted down the canal from Victoria Park. This was my first mistake. There were boats on the canal (shocker) but one was offering hot dogs with sauerkraut and I am weak. And it was fabulous to sit there in the melee, steed propped up, and watch the world go by. Eventually I remounted and headed home.

It was that magical time of the evening when all mundane things took on an extraordinary aspect. As I cycled a huge dragon fly flew parallel to me for a split second, the ducks swam through the calm water, with dancing flies just breaking the surface. There was also a beautiful, fully made up woman sat on a bench, clearly waiting for someone. What was her story? Why was she so thoroughly alone? The reflections of graffiti in the canal and the industrial brick chimney all glowed in the twilight.

I was sad to finally pull over into my local bike stand and exchange a bit of banter with a chap. At this point he'd watched me career down the bumpy road, big grin, legs flailing and squeaking a bit. I looked like I was enjoying myself apparently. And mama mia! I was. Exercise hasn't been this much fun in ages.

Today remains pretty good in the diet steaks (sic). I've had a run, eaten a pie and I've been promised cheesecake later so I think the dress fitting is going to go extremely well.

Who says I'm deluded?

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