Monday 6 August 2012

Summer? Happy Christmas...

I dream of being a mixologist and thinking up new cocktails. 

Today orange blossom water popped into my head. Would this complement the orange vodka that's languishing in the freezer? This is an academic question as I don't have any flower water. Being too lazy to go into Canary Wharf again, I considered my store cupboard. 

I took the following poured into a cocktail shaker containing about 5/6 ice cubes:

A measure of orange vodka
A measure of Croatian prosek (or a sherry)
Half measure of krupnik
Juice of half a lime
Half measure of syrup of figgy conserve

Shake well and pour into martini glasses. A dash of apple juice to top up seemed appropriate but I think fresh orange juice would work too.

Now this was intended to be a summery fragrant orange drink but I am of the impression that it would be marvellous in the depths of Saturnalia with a dash of burnt cinnamon flamed across the top.

*sigh* Even my drinks are contrary so I shall revisit. I love the eastern feeling of decadent heavy spices from the fig, wine and honey so it had to be called East Fourteen. 

In the meantime, bottoms up and Happy Christmas.

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