Monday 6 August 2012

Cherry Popper: Summer in a glass

As my flatmate quaffed the East Fourteen so quickly and immediately demanded another, I definitely wanted something summery this time. You know the sort of drink. You're sitting under a tree with a lover, cherry red lips begging to be kissed and a sweet scent of summer all around. Add a deceptively innocent ice cold cocktail and grass stains are inevitable...

Lovingly take:

Juice of half a lime
Measure of orange vodka
Measure of cherry liqueur (mine was foreign but am sure you can find something)
Dregs of a bottle of vodka
A good spooning of raspberry jam

Shake over ice and pour into ice cold martini glasses. Top up with apple juice. If I had any fresh fruit I would have popped a strawberry/raspberry on the side to be sucked. Summer refreshment in a glass.

This was so good that flatmate has just licked all round the glass and used a finger to get it all out. We are not a classy joint but I like an appreciative audience.

Why cherry popper? Because you're never quite the same after your first one.

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