Friday 10 August 2012

Problems with alcohol

The problem with alcohol:

1. Can be too drinkable
2. Can make you a little queasy
3. Red wine lips
4. Bottles aren't big enough
5. First bottle has to be good, the rest can be house of lidl

1. Sober to drunk in 30 mins
2. Too pleasant and nicely cold
3. They run out too quick
4. They cause naughtiness (honey related)

1. Haven't done the gin bar. Damn it (need dates, hint)
2. Makes you cry. We can testify to that

1. No issues
2. Can make you letchy. Apparently. *snork*

1. Chocolate stout is epic (thank you to Mr Busfield Birch for this introduction)
2. Make you pee
3. Fattening
4. Really fattening
5. Makes you smell like a tramp (tennant's extra)
6. Fruit beers are too nice. Belgian mmmm

1. Debauchery
2. Why so very debauched?
3. Causes loose morals...
4. Bubbles get up your nose
5. Too expensive
6. Too delicious

But the big problem is, it runs out.

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