Monday 25 June 2012

Jumping through (spaghetti) hoops...

The 'First Official Weigh-in'* this morning went well. We didn't cheat (much) and despite a moment when we forgot the exact figures 30 secs after recording them, we were pleased to report a reduction in weight. I'm under 11 stone which is a blessed relief, frankly.

The lemon was fat free
This weekend had its moments of weakness.

I had a small whoopsy with a cheesy crumbed chicken escalope the size of my face and a DD cup sized mound of spaghetti pomodori in my favourite Italian yesterday. Also given that sorbet is clearly a solid fruit drink I also had a sundae/Monday/Tuesday glass full of iced mango and strawberry and thoroughly enjoyed it.

In the interests of science I was very happy to test the theory that a slap up dinner could be balanced by walking in London, powering the  brain and fuelling an exhilarating Boris bike ride home. l would burn off a number of calories and the spaghetti would not affect my weight loss too much.

Given the results, I would conclude that as long as you've been good** during the week and had a lovely busy weekend, a large portion isn't the worst thing you can have on a sunny Sunday.

*Official because it's in kilos not stones

** Good is defined as champagne, House of Lidl Bardolino, steak, cheese, vegetables and no bread. Basically (and I consulted the Victionary) these are all 'pleasure inducing fluids and essential protein'

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