Friday 22 June 2012

Steps forward, one back?

So it’s all being going swimmingly. Mostly.

I've been running up stairs, eating(?) endless rivers of soup without the usual loaf of bread and pound of butter and drinking plenty of water. However this week has not been without distractions. 

There have been two huge choir concerts (as well as an energetic dress rehearsal), lovely friends taking me out for drinks and then last night, one of the nicest meals I've had in a while. As this involved a morsel of rooibos smoked salmon, a 250g rib eye steak, 10 chips and half a strawberry and elderflower jelly dessert, I don't think it broke the calorie bank. OK fine, so the half bottle of pink champagne might have.

A very curvy bottle
What did you expect, diet lemonade? 

As far as I am concerned the amount of energy to go two rounds with Zadok and then produce an epic couple of Vivaldi Glorias, is definitely equal to a delightfully curranty Billecart-Salmon Rose. Hoping the Verdi Requiem on 9th July will be at least a bottle of  Veuve Cliquot...

The weekend is nearly upon us and there will be large amounts of small portions, not to mention some serious jogging around Canary Wharf. As I shall be writing about language, seeing some art, doing an appraisal,  I think that is enough brain activity to undo any calorific excess from last night.

Then we'll be all ready for the weigh-in on Monday*.

*Being useless and obsessive I've already been checking so flatmate has hidden scales. Pfft.

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  1. I think you might have forgotten something in your food diary.

    *totally innocent face*