Friday 22 June 2012


Dear diary,
I'm still alive.

I haven't developed a serious addiction to dried fruit and nuts. Honestly, I can handle it, I can give them up whenever I want. Even the nuts. It's surprising the impact they have, I have even managed to resist the dirty fried chicken places, this is a minor miracle, especially when the world was falling apart yesterday.

I've not written about the wondrous meals we've cooked as I've been out the last two nights! Crikey. But I have been deeply grateful for having made enough unrepeatable soup to last, as I could have a hot portion when I got in. Not what you think.

I've moved the scales as my flatmate was tempted to stand on them. I'm going to have to move them again as she's better sleuth than I imagined. Maybe my bathroom was not the best place. So far I've resisted the urge as I know I will be mortified if I've not lost an ounce. But Monday and the weigh in looms ever closer...


But I have been good. I fell off the wagon today a little as I had to have pink milk for breakfast owing to a late start from Contrary Towers. But am going to march down to Kensington in a moment which, I believe, will be worth lots of pie points.


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