Saturday 23 June 2012

Oh dear

I put some jeans on this morning. Tight. Still. Oh dear. It has to be said I'm a little concerned with the coming weigh-in on Monday evening, whilst my flatmate was burning off a trillion calories by running to New York (I think that's what she said, I have a rule never to listen to healthy people) I'm in Norfolk. And that means there is a risk of comfort food.

And if I don't lose anything I shall cry because I've been very good. And I don't like being good.

Anyway. Last night we went to see the wonderful Evelyn Glennie performing at Wigmore Hall, which I'm not actually going to talk about now as I want to write more on my own blog. So why did I mention it? Well, the inevitable problem of food came up, where to eat. And when. As my flatmate had already gone through the 4pm danger zone it was likely she might not make it until the end of the concert.

Trouble is, it was now 6:30 with a 7:30 start. Oh dear.

Which was why we ate in the Wigmore Hall restaurant, at least they would understand the concept of having to be served quickly. The menu looked tempting, really tempting. But the sensible diet mode bell was still clanging so we both settled for the fish cake with crispy egg and market leaves (whatever they are) along with a side order of seasonal vegetables and, of course...


Actually, the Veuve Delaroy was delicious and went really nicely with the fish cake. And the fish cake was... Seriously fishy. It did give us the idea that there are a lot more things we could do with patty presented foods. It fits the rule of portion control, we can produce interesting, tasty, things and add lots of simply cooked vegetables to keep us healthy.

So a win for diet research!

I would like to say that the Champagne was the first alcohol I'd had in more than a week, quite a surprise. We never said we would be totally virtuous, we are, after all, Contrary Towers, there had always been the allowance for moments of frivolity.

Though a single glass of Champagne is not frivolous! It's restrained.

What else. Oh yes, so the Wigmore Hall restaurant. Clean, efficient, looks a bit café like maybe, but the food is lovely and the staff very friendly. Worth a visit.

After the show we avoided the post show jazz party and... Went home. It's been a busy week, Clare's fourth night of music, my third, and it was time to get some sleep. When we got back to Contrary Towers we did manage to not eat anything. This is almost unheard of! No spiced beans on toast, or sketty hoops, or cheez, or omelettes, or, well, anything. Just mint tea.

We iz virtuous.

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