Sunday 17 June 2012

The diet starts... Now.

So this is quite serious.

We, the residents of Contrary Towers are going on a diet. And we're going to write about it. Oh hell.

We have a pact. No dirty sausage, no cheese, or was that less cheese, I may have passed out at that one, oh, and lots of veg. I can do veg, I'm ace at vegging out.

So the opening meal wasn't really meant to be a meal, I knew I had to eat something or would be starving by the morning, but as Clare was being virtuous it would be a snack. I settled on beans on toast. Tasty, quick and easy.

With Cayenne pepper, obvs.

Clare weakened. But, being the virtuous souls we are, we stuck with one tin between the two of use. Us! One tin! And just one slice of toast each.

We didn't compromise on the butter. We do have standards.

Let's face it, it's an easy meal, a hefty helping of cayenne pepper to wake the beans up, a slow heat in the pan to make sure they go thick and gloopy. Perfectly done toast as one of us can manage to operate the thermonuclear grill without a disaster and... Chives.

Charlie the Chive plant was called on to provide a little something extra.

It was just enough. Something to stave off hunger pangs, relatively healthy. Good portion control and then... We went for a walk all the way down Limehouse Cut, through Limehouse, down to the bottom of Canary Wharf and back again.

So virtuous and healthy.

Time to polish those halos!

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