Saturday 23 June 2012

Running Distractions

I ran 11k this morning and burnt off 940 calories.

Yes that is all very interesting but the truism that states 'it's the journey not the destination' remains pertinent and never more so than when running. So I took some photos of my favourite part of East London and as I went so far off my beaten track, some new bits that I haven't seen before.


A new angle on Canary Wharf


Friendly little chaps

Lea Valley

Dignity? That boat! I have more dignity when running 

More graffiti

Olympic Stadium. Not very friendly; razor wire, no entry, do not come close. Whatevs

No you don't burn off calories looking at photos but they're rather lovely. Victoria Park was also looking interesting but I really wanted to go home and have a bite to eat. Nothing distracts me from that!

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