Monday 18 June 2012

A strategy SWOT thing

Every venture apparently needs a strategy or SWOT or something so here is mine.

To get into *that* Karen Millen dress with out bursting anything
To not cause breast mayhem when running down the road
To be sofisti sophisikay smart and not have a food baby tummy when I go out for cocktails in that red dress
To get back to original healthy weight of last year
You see, I'm serious!

How I shall do it
Eat less
Exercise more

Pfft obviously. What were you expecting?

  • Summer - apparently this is the time for small shorts, flirty summer dresses but as I have not yet packed away the fur coats and fleecy stockings, this isn't an issue [FOCUS] I mean I shall pretend it's 30 degrees and sunny.
  • Christening - this is serious, it's only in 3 weeks so I need a bit of weight off by then so I can wow the lovely people of Yorkshire with my London sleekness. Or whatevs. I shall just buy a new fascinator and  [FOCUS]  ... I mean, yes I will get into a summer frock by then.
  • *that* Karen Millen dress - it cost me a fortune and I can't do the blasted thing up. 
  • Running - I love running and don't want to damage joints unnecessarily with added weight. Who am I kidding? I want to stride confidently and NOT wobble down the road causing the stern people of E14 to look at me as I was a wanton woman. Oh.
  • Not to scream as I get on the scales. How heavy? Seriously, my appetite died then and there.

Time frame
Sensibly I will be aiming for 2lb a week with an initial blitz of 6 weeks to reach my pre crappy year weight. The Christening is on 8th July. This is 3 weeks so that could actually be 6lbs shrinkage if I applied myself.

After that there will be a review over a nice pizza and bottle of wine. Or something.

Immediate Action Points
  • An official weigh/measure in
  • A food plan
  • A micoach recalibration (didn't realise I was that heavy)
  • Set alarm for run tomorrow morning
  • Buy healthy snacks

Banned Foods
Crisps - my downfall
Bacon - unless strictly defatted
Salami/Sausage *snork*
Cakes/Biscuits - Obvs...durr I'm not entirely stupid
Cheese - *sigh* I mean, it's calcium and healthy but probably not to be taken in entire kilo blocks

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