Tuesday 26 June 2012

Ready, Steady, Cook!

It turns out that I have to cook my own dinner for a change as my lovely flatmate is out gallavanting (again). A girl home alone. What shall I cook? Pot noodle? Cheesy beanos*? No, pride suggests that I deserve a special dinner. But anything I create has one proviso.

I am famished so it has to be on the table in no more than 25 mins. 

So feel free to try the recipe below, or in true Contrary Towers style, don't and just make up your own.

As soon as you get home, put oven on, thermo-nuclear degrees. Whilst playing your favourite new opera music, scoop a tub of cream cheese, a handful of Charlie chive plant, large squeeze of garlic and mix together messily in a largish bowl.

Take the lumps of defrosted spinach (aren't I organised?), squeeze out excess water and add to mix. Remember not to turn the up the volume on your laptop until you are de-green-speckled. Add salt, ground pepper, handful of parmesan cheese, as much nutmeg as you can safely grate**, an egg, a small packet of pinenuts and combine vigorously. If you're hot stuff, add a dash of cayenne pepper. 

Dashing diet food 
Peel 4 large mushrooms and remove stalk so you have more room for filling. Place in a metal baking dish, blob on the filling generously and sprinkle with more parmesan. I know it's a diet but parmesan is tasty and a little goes a long way.

Throw in oven and shout at them till they're done. If you can, when you take them out of the furnace they are better if left a while. Also you don't burn your mouth. Lovely with a tomato & basil salad, or just by themselves, sprinkled with more fresh chives.

*A special secret Brown family recipe handed down for generations
** Nutmeg can make you hallucinate. I learnt that at university and just read it on the net, so it must be true.

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