Monday 2 July 2012

The Bottom Wobbling Diet

So no change according to the official weigh in. I can deal with that; this weekend has been a succession of martinis, champagne and fabulous food. And my first Sunday lunch in a number of years which was well worth the wait. Thank you The Parlour, I shall be visiting again.

On the bright side there has been walking and more cycling than you can imagine. This morning the quads are definitely suffering from Borisbikitis which is rather gratifying.

Also I am convinced of the diet therapeutic effects of Wapping Highway. Without the cobbles shaking, I reckon I'd have put weight on. Therefore turns out you can eat and drink lots but you have to balance it with plenty of bottom wobbling, bone shaking shriekingly exhilarating cycling.

Sensibly however, given the Christening (bound to be cake) at the weekend I shall be going back to the diet properly this week and no excuses, there will be running!

Bring on the exercise induced endorphins...

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