Thursday 26 July 2012

Impossible moments

There are moments when frankly, it would be wrong to be miserable. And this is one of them.

I'm sunkissed in a bar on the beach with an aperol spritz and a warm sea breeze. Gentle music beats with pebbled waves and the sun is going down.

Pure paradise.

There was a bored young man (about 10?) on the beach earlier being ignored by his sun bathing parents. He'd been pestering them earlier to go out swimming as a family and they'd obliged for 10 mins or so. Then they'd fobbed him off with an iPad or something.

I politely asked him whether he'd like use of my snorkel after I'd checked there was nothing dangerous out there first. So I gave a child his first experience of an underwater world.

His face made my day. At first he shivered in the shallows; he couldn't swim very well so I took his hand and he gained confidence. We marvelled at the fish and I explained about sea urchins and that he should not stand on them.

Clearly my kind hearted nature is getting the better of me. Just don't get too close, I'm a prickly old London urchin, getting slightly pickled... ;-)

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