Sunday 22 July 2012

From the Isle of Dogs to the Dalmatian Coast

So Contrary Towers has branched out. I've taken my own unique brand of insanity to the Dalmatian coast. Yes I can say, I've literally gone to the dogs.

The journey was incredibly smooth with the only small amount of excitement taking place a couple of yards from home. My lovely cabby had rescued a young man who was being chased down the road by some youths. So we gave him a lift home and all was well. A reminder that our area is to be treated with a certain level of respect.

Though there was a screaming child on the plane, there were no nuns or inflatable co pilots as far as I'm aware. On arrival, in an inevitable fug of tired unreality, an easy coach ride up the coast to Dubrovnik harbour gave way to a wooden boat.

A sea ride which was hypnotically blue. The mental cares were being left on shore. Though I know they are still there looming like the nude and barren mountains I can see now, I'm on an island of wooded grey green being serenaded by the coarse voices of cicadas. Music as beautiful as any I've heard recently.

As ever indecision as to what I am going to see here reigns. A trip to Mostar (probably), Montenegro (as previous, seems rude to leave the country as soon as I've arrived), the old city of Dubrovnik which looked stunning? But then the interior of this island is actually calling to me and the hire kayaks I've seen look suitably spill inspiring.

So in the meantime I shall sit on my balcony with some wine and a book and see what happens. Hard to believe I was looking at the Thames at 3am.

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