Monday 23 July 2012

Drama in Dalmatia

Things could get dramatic here. It could even take an ugly turn.

1. The weather has gone all Greek gods and someone is hurling thunder bolts around in a fit of pique. The sky is incredible, the cicadas are perturbed and your correspondent is getting splashed - still eating* on the veranda.

2. I have booked three trips and each one is a 5am start. I've always said lie-ins were for the weak.

3. Sitting at my balcony earlier I saw people clutching yoga mats and a very fit instructor. So I went to investigate. Yes I did a legs bums and tums exercise class overlooking the sea. No gym will ever be able to compete.

4. Chef's special sauce is pink.

5. I'm planning a historical piece at some point. Turns out Lopud is a fascinating place with drama at every turn.

6. Even alone I'm having more conversation than the couple on the next table.

7. A German gentleman just made a joke about a banana...

None of these are desperate, I'll pull through somehow. I just hope I can walk tomorrow after all the exercise.

*For diet watch purposes I had 2 dishes of side salad, mushroom stuffed cannelloni with 'chef sauce', swordfish in tomato sauce with pesto mash and a long sit down. I *looked* at the chocolate cake, it was delicious.

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