Thursday 26 July 2012

Do fishes sleep quietly?

I suffered a melancholy moment today, caused by tiredness, loneliness and lack of breakfast. I'd slept straight through it which was a good thing in some ways but I'd missed my melon.

I'd had the forethought last night to cancel my trip so I had a day of rest. My ladylike beach reclining lasted all of five minutes due to the continuing childhood gift of needing to run screaming into water as soon as I can. These aquatic tendencies meant procuring a snorkel from a local and heading off into the quiet watery depths.

The variety of Mediterranean fish (Adriatic if you're going to be picky) going about their business a mere three metres from shore never ceases to amaze me. My favourites here was the shoal of tiny electric blue flashes, suspended in the water like those Christmas led lights.

There was also fish from the dining room last night. Bream, I think. As I haven't yet been to the disco, I'm not sure if there are any sharks here.

The prickly sea urchins doing what they do both repelled and fascinated. I chuckled at the sight of some of them who were under pebbles; others looked to be digesting fin and scales, one being cheekily assisted by a tiny sand-speckled monster.

Sitting in the shallows disturbing the pebbles with my feet, I watched a few inquisitive fish forage around my feet. Marvelling at their silence and delicacy, I truly wouldn't mind dozing with these fishes this evening...!

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