Wednesday 25 July 2012


From wine to salt; I sense that all I'm missing is a lamb to put over a grill for a perfect dinner...

If you're paying attention you'll remember me mentioning the mini Chinese wall at a place called Ston. They have been making sea salt here since at least the c12th.

Salt was crucial in the ancient (look up Latin 'sal', stem for salary) and early modern world as an important ingredient in days before refrigeration. Therefore these salt beds were highly prized by the Ragusans. They feared that the Venetians just across the bay would capture the beds. They started building this wall in the c14th and it was over 7km long until the early c19th.

Napoleon decided that buildings were more important than walls and used a lot of the stone for them instead. However it's still a spectacular piece of engineering and you can climb all the way up. Sadly we didn't have time but I bought some herby salt.

Now where's that wine/garlic/rosemary marinated lamb?

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