Tuesday 24 July 2012

Not drowning but laughing

After the storm, comes the calm. This morning is bright fresh with the sea being a 2 or 3 on that weather scale. The swimming pool was a smooth 1 and after being topped up with cold rainwater, was 'quite refreshing' on the Clare nipple scale.

After chortling quietly at the fat Brit carefully laying out towels, rearranging sun loungers (at 7.15am) from my watery haven, I went to breakfast for the usual three courses (fruit, ham cheese egg, choc croissant and several coffees). Honestly the things people eat for brekkie!

One child is tucking into a plate of 10 sausages... The larger guests prefer the plated mountain of food arrangement. With pommes frites on the side. Gosh, who knew!

It seems I am doomed to find my fellow guests an infinite source of amusement.

My ferry to history and culture departs at 12am. Apparent the people of Dubrovnik are smart and stylish so I'm in my Sunday best. Oh. You know what I mean, not in trainers and shorts. As I have a guide book and large breakfast to digest, l'm going to sit in the local park under a tree.

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