Monday 2 July 2012

Pas de martinis


You know what that means...


We actually weighed in separately today, so none of the usual giggles and silliness, which is a shame as that makes the trauma worthwhile. Instead, it's bare facts time... Me, 94.3Kg, my flatmate 69.4Kg.

Which means no martinis for us as whilst I managed to lose 0.6Kg, she didn't. I believe the correct parlance for my weight loss is bugger all. I'm not surprised I didn't, I did sin an awful lot last week, but I do know, as I had a sneaky check in Norfolk, that eating crap food at the weekend reversed any improvements. Hey ho. I shall have to redouble my efforts this week. At least Clare had a good weekend in return for food abuse!

On the plus side, my favourite dress does fit without me drawing blood so I'm at least heading the right way...

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