Friday 27 July 2012

Guten Morgen!

Guten Morgen, es ist 7am und ich bin auf einer Car, daß voll von die Deutsche ist. Sehr schöne, ja? Wir fahren in Montenegro, oder etwas. Ich habe keine access to google translate. Can you tell? Oh, ich kann alles verstanden; Italiano, Francais, Deutsch - oh yes I can be contrary in any European language.

A good day for an excursion because the rep tells me that there are three massive cruise ships due into Dubrovnik today; one floating city was already there, and another was coming into port. So it would have been quite busy today. Leaving the country is a bit drastic but, you know, I'm awkward like that.

Montenegro sounds rather spectacular. I'll keep you posted, obviously.

I thought you might like to see Lopud rush hour too. After downing my 80p coffee with milk, I dashed to the ferry. This morning was chaotic, as you can see...

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