Friday 27 July 2012

Boys in blue

Things are going down in Lopud in Lopud 'collection of houses, a bar, small dog and a white cat'.

It could turn nasty. And get out of hand. Sand could get in the bikini...

That's right, as I was heading to the ferry this morning an event of enormous depravity was advertised.

Tonite Beach Party!

The local constabulary had clearly caught wind of this momentous event and had despatched two of its bravest rapid response members over to the island to assist young ladies in the preservation of modesty and keeping maintaining sand free cracks.

As it was of clearly of utmost importance, the yummy young men in deep blue had been popped on the best municipal ferry money could buy. Oh, a rusty bucket then? I looked for the addition of flashing lights but I was disappointed. Furthermore we chugged along at the same old rate of knots. Slow.

Did they not know they carried Croatia's finest?

Anyway as the old tired farts climb into bed, it is comforting to know that the youngsters are well supervised. Of course it could be that the white cat was stuck up a tree, or a boat had been seen without a licence, a golf buggy had overturned or something of that ilk.

Who knows, perhaps they were the strippers but their equipment seemed real enough. Gutted to miss the party of the season. Zzzz

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