Wednesday 25 July 2012

East goes west

This early rising malarky clearly screws with your mind. But as some idiot had booked a trip somewhere it seemed I had no choice but to go along with the madness.

I dressed for a trip to the East though as it turns out I really had no idea because I hadn't checked my ticket. So with packed breakfast in hand I hit the Lopud rush hour on the hotel's golf buggy to get the early ferry.

In between spilling the cherry yoghurt the hotel had thoughtfully provided, I took in the incredible scenery - seascape meeting skyscape. Yesterday I'd wondered at my logic when deciding to stay in such a remote place but these islands are so evocative and majestically natural that I honestly don't mind taking the slow boat.

On arrival in Dubrovnik harbour it turns out I'm not off to Mostar.


I'm off island hopping to Korčula and Pelješac instead, exploring the birthplace of Marco Polo. How apt? How intrepid* am I?

*confused in thought

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