Wednesday 25 July 2012


I resisted the urge to sample Pelješac's wines at lunch which demonstrates that I have no need of the Pillar of Shame.

Given the complexity of this Slavic language, I'm hoping my pronunciation will improve today. Let's get cracking on this viticulturing!

There are many indigenous Croatian grape varieties...etc. Look, go check out Zinfandel, California and Croatia on google to look at the research that has been done.

I'm going tasting. I wonder what 'hic' is...


Turns out to be 'hic'. The independent wine industry here is very young, only 14 years old but they are working hard to establish it. The Matuško family vineyard we visited produces half million litres a year using the native plavac mali 'little blue ones' grape.

1. The standard Plavac mali was the weakest at 12% and is the one they drink every day. Plenty of tannins and a happy table wine. At £2, a bargain, I'd say. Mmmm.

2. Dingač is the same grape but is grown in a different area with more sun so is a sweeter, strong wine. It's a rich, dark ruby red, with a port like aroma. It's good chilled and can be kept for 10-15 yrs.

3. Prošec is a very sweet white dessert wine made with grapes left on the vine. Can be kept 30-40 years and the tradition is to buy on a child's birth and kept until their marriage. It's like a sherry; woody, honeyed, salty, with a burnt caramel colour. Would be marvellous to marinade grilled peaches in.

4. Cherry liqueur. This one was stunning. A taste of summer! Light fruity and v dangerous. Long cherry finish. Delightful poured over ice cream or in a black forest gateaux...

5. Grappa. Natural medicine apparently. Crikey! *falls over*


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