Friday 27 July 2012

Gold and blue

I've never seen so many beautiful men and women in my life. So this is where they all are...Budva, Montenegro.

It's basically a Russian Blackpool with lots of gold (jewellery, shoes, anything), loud music and the tiniest bikinis and bottoms you've ever seen. There were men who had six packs of the taut tummy type. No I didn't take any photos. Perverts. But why in English resorts are all the young people fat and frumpy?

I had some blue icecream. Thought about buying some tarty shoes. I dread to think what dreams I'll have on the way home...

There was even some Clare/other human interaction today. I nattered to a lovely Ukranian librarian (I had to act out in charades style 'legal librarian') and a chatty German lady. All the Brits are loved up couples and not talking to anyone.

Heading back into Croatia now via Tivat, Porto Montenegro, a ferry and Herceg-Novi. Fancy, the only car to be pulled over at customs was an Albanian merc...

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