Monday 23 July 2012

Nectar of the Goddesses

There is a concern I *may* fall victim to a decadent life style. Readers perhaps believe that we at CT already have one.

Oh no. Here the five senses don't have to struggle into existence like they do in London. Each one here is rewarded easily. Sun drenched food, skin kissed by warmth, the sheer quiet of a 12 hour good nights sleep, the pine/lavender/salt breeze. Nevermind humanity returning but an almost inevitable goddess like serenity and sense of wellbeing and invincibility.

Did I mention the food? The diet isn't so much forgotten as part of the day. For instance last night, the tomatoes, prawns, salad, fish were saintly. And this morning when I saw the array of perfect fruit I didn't know whether to paint it or sit there flapping like a fruit bat. Probably to the relief of waiters, I did neither but scoffed a load. Followed by ham and an egg. Perfect.

No guilt because I'd already spent 45 mins doing lengths of the pool. After the obligatory happy campers meeting this morning to decide what I'm doing the rest of the week, I shall be putting my best foot forward and heading off to explore my very own island. There may be more swimming...I'll be the mermaid with seaweed in my hair.

How easy is this regaining goddess status thing on holiday?

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