Saturday 28 July 2012

Last day

Here I am on the last day of my holidays. What have I learned?

1. Croatia is truly stunning and exceptionally cheap. Get here before they join the euro
2. Do not book 3 early morning trips in a row. It is stupid. Early is bad enough at home
3. Do not attempt to diet on holiday but eat as many of the incredible tomatoes, melons, plums and grilled corgettes as possible
4. Fat British people eat too much cake and they are really disgusting sunburned. Lose weight porky, no excuses!!!
5. Though it's nice to go away by yourself, some form of human interaction is required. Turns out no woman is an island and I have literally and metaphorically been on one
6. Fish, of the live variety, are brilliant
7. European maps are crap
8. Watching the folly of other people is endlessly entertaining
9. Even if you can't see/hear the insecty bitey bastards, use repellent anyway...
10. Do not do aquarobics in a teeny bikini. Nipple poppage is certain
11. I think the Pillar of Shame is an excellent idea and should be reinstated
12. Blue icecream is plain wrong

So all in all it has been nice. But next time I'm taking someone with me; flatmate, I'm looking at you :)

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