Monday 16 July 2012

Post Tomatic Stress

Before the massacre
It became apparent this morning that my beautiful Lidl tomatoes had become a twitter sensation, prompting the #freethecontrarytwo, ‪#justicefortomatoes‬ ‪#equalrightsfortomatoes‬ tags. Now you might not know this but I really love tomatoes and will demolish them by the kilo in any guise, so I came up with a dinner plan for them that was designed to be an antidote in blandness for my poor flatmate.

This is what I did with them.

After flirting madly with the Toms, I chopped up a box of chestnut mushrooms, three of the shiny, hunky red devils and put them in a frying pan which rather dirtily contained the fried sausage fat from earlier. 

Into this I crumbled a beef oxo cube, a grinding of pepper, a squirt of Daddy's sauce and some shredded Spanish chicken from the previous days tapas. I let it bubble and reduce down into a flavoursome mess whist I had a row with the grill. Someone had been roasting stuff and so its thermonuclear qualities meant that we had our very own kitchen smoke machine. 

Once this had burnt off, eyes watering, we made some buttered toast (just the one slice each) and spooned on the tomatoey goodness. Simple and tasty.

We burnt off the blandness and declared war on waste!

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